Jeep Wrangler: Wrong or Right?


Ethan Pretch's (sophomore) 2013 Jeep Wrangler
In college one this that is always discussed is learning how to express yourself. Jeeps are one of those vehicles that allow you to truly show who you are. Ethan Pretch’s 2013 Jeep Wrangler exemplifies this freedom by showcasing some of the many was you can customize the vehicle.  Some of his aftermarket additions include; (top left) Rims and  tires, (top middle left) fox performance suspension, (top middle right) spare tire and jack, (top right) new interior, (middle right) snorkel, (bottom right) aftermarket wench, bumper, and lights.            Image Credits: John Mitchell Green (Junior)

Free Yourself

For years growing up I wanted to own a Jeep. More specifically, a Jeep Wrangler. The thought of taking the doors off and cruising around town or off road was a summer tradition I wanted to be mine. While I have been able to experience this with friends, It has never been with a Jeep I own. Jeeps in a way represent the freedom and individual control we get when leave home and come to college. You can go almost anywhere in it and do anything you want to it. Despite a developing off-road market, Jeeps will always be an iconic vehicle for enthusiasts and the automotive community.

Ethan’s Jeep

Ethan Pretch is a Sophomore at Furman and he has a pretty sick Jeep (pictures above). I reached out to Ethan because as an enthusiast who has never owned a Jeep, his first hand knowledge may offer some insight that cannot easily be found on online forums. He has owned his Jeep for 3 years now and here are his responses to a few questions I had:

What is a unique trait that separates Jeeps from other off road vehicles?

  • What have you done to your Jeep?
    Ethan's Jeep parked in North Village. Image credit: John M Green
    Ethan’s Jeep parked in North Village. Image credit: John M Green

    ” I put on the snorkel, got it some new ball bearings, a new aftermarket axel, added flood lights, put on a winch, and replaced the bumper”

  • Why do Jeep drivers always park next to each other? Is there some specific Jeep culture?
    “Yes, you could say there is sort of a community. We wave at all the other Jeeps we see and squad up in parking lots. Why, I’m not sure but, It’s kinda cool.”
  • What all do you do with/use your jeep for?
    “Fishing and Hunting”
  • What are the pros and cons of your Jeep?
    “Pros: Looks badass and I can drive anywhere.”
    “Cons: Horrible on the road. Gets really bad gas and often attracts too much attention.”
  • What are some thing you would like to improve on this campus in relation to cars?
    “I think people on campus need to have a better understanding of car mechanics and proper maintenance.”

But can you go wrong with a Jeep Wrangler?

After doing some research on some forums, here is a list off pros and con for owning a Wrangler:

One of the first and probably most know positives is the Jeep Wrangler’s ability to remove its doors, which really provides a unique experience. You can take this vehicle almost anywhere with its amazing off-road capabilities. Another unique factor is that the Jeep community has is its own culture. Individuals connect via their part in what could be described as a fraternity of owners. And lastly the almost limitless customizability that the owner has is something that is amazing for anyone who wants to create their own unique vehicle look.
1) reliability is notoriously poor
2) They can be easily broken into
3) Stability and cornering  is a concern as the vehicle is prone to roll easily
4) It is not at all fuel efficient
5) Never enough time to drive it around

Is it worth it? I cannot answer that got you. But, I would conclude that the benefits outweigh the costs if you are looking for a 2nd vehicle for fun. As your everyday driver? Maybe not.

“It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself.” – Dale Earnhardt


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